Our Vision

Get HOPE Global envisions a world where impoverished women and at-risk girls are
Hopeful, Empowered, and Free!


Our Mission

To provide biblically-based business training programs and microfinance opportunities to global/national workers so they can encourage, equip, and empower impoverished women and at-risk girls with life-giving HOPE to:

• Build a better business • Build a better life • Build a transforming faith in Jesus Christ


Business Basics

of Business

A powerful 12-month training program, which includes a 16-week formal business curriculum, uniquely designed for impoverished women who want to grow their own businesses, provide for their families, and improve their lives.
Created to give each one a chance
... the dignity of a chance.

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Anna's Story
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  • Training that builds on hope
  • Downloadable programs
  • Comprehensive leader guide
  • No business training needed to lead
  • Character-focused Bible lessons
  • Adaptable to various levels of literacy
  • Story-based teaching format
  • Activities and graphic support
  • Microloan option for program participants
  • Adaptable to different cultures

Girls Empowerment Training


A life-changing 11-month training program, which includes a 20-week formal business curriculum, uniquely designed for
at-risk older teens in orphanages,
safe houses, or schools. Created to give girls a choice, a voice, and a chance –
a chance for financial independence
... a chance for a better life.

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Sara's Story
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At Tirzah International, we know that educating women and girls is essential to empowering them, and ultimately transforming families, communities and nations. When we first discovered the Get HOPE Global program, we were impressed with its adaptability across all cultures and continents. It also weaves timeless Biblical truths into the day-to-day challenges of running a small business. For these reasons, Get HOPE's Basics of Business and Girls Empowerment Training are key components of our worldwide strategy to invest in women's futures."

Emily Voorhies

Tirzah International


 There is nothing more important than offering opportunity and dignity for women and girls who are at risk. Time and time again, we have seen that vulnerable women and girls who have little opportunity are at much greater risk of becoming human trafficking victims. Get HOPE provides such opportunity, not only through micro-finance, but a concrete business curriculum. These essential tools could mean the difference between freedom and slavery for thousands of women and girls worldwide."

Andrew Kline

Former Department of Justice human trafficking prosecutor
Crime policy advisor to the Vice President of the United States



Words of HopeI regularly am asked to give financial help to those in need, but giving money is not a lasting solution. Giving hope is.

Cheryl from Cameroon